A double an orthopedic mattress for people with the big weight

A good mattress is for a good person? In our society the image of the hero, a big and imposing person was always very close to our concept. Even we have a corresponding phrase that a good man should be a lot. But nevertheless such people are forced to deal with restrictions and difficulties of choice, when they buy clothes, shoes and other things which are necessary for their everyday life. We will try to simplify their lives, telling about the rules of choosing the best mattress. The right mattress reviews is important for these people, more than for others, because the extra weight means problems with health and such people are in need of restful sleep.


Despite their weight, each person has to sleep on a comfortable and the right mattress to receive a full and healthy sleep. Most people with the big weight don’t realize that their choice of the mattress should be particularly careful. Modern shops offer a large selection of different types of mattresses, even for people with the big weight. These mattresses have a specific load level, and their shape and structure will provide excellent orthopedic support.

A double an orthopedic mattress for people with the big weight from the company “Sakura”.

Orthopedic mattresses are mostly oriented for people weighing up to 110-120 kg. If there is still the margin to this index, then it’s possible to buy the usual mattress. But what to do when a serious weight exceeds these limits? For this purpose the company “Sakura” has already prepared inexpensive and high-quality mattresses.

It’s important to understand that heavy people simply can’t feel comfortable when they lie on a standard mattress. Indeed, the mattress will simply fall through under the imposing weight. It will not be able to provide optimal orthopedic support for people and its service life will reduce. To solve this problem the company Sakura offers clients special mattresses for overweight people. Inside each mattress are blocks with an increased number of the springs, with a larger wire diameter and orthopedic foam of increased density. Manufacturer succeeded in reducing the permissible loads due to coconut coir. Of course, the mattress for heavy people can’t be thin.

A double an orthopedic mattress for people with the big weight from the company Ormatek.

Ormatek Optima is the series of mattresses which offered cheap models that were being made on independent springs. Basically mattresses of this company are designed for weight in the range of 130 kg. Although the series consists of mattresses for the people higher weight, Strong – is the model of mattresses which are made with reinforced independent spring block, an increased number of springs, ready to heavy loads (up to 160-170 kg.).

Mattresses SmartSpring by Ormatek are an excellent choice for people weighing up to 140 kg. Such mattresses mostly are being bought with power block SmartSpring HARD. This block involves the use of more elastic springs which are made from wire of slightly larger thickness and length.

Mattresses of another series Ormatek z1000 / Premium are originally being designed for people with serious weight – 140-170 kg. It was made, due to spring blocks using thousands of springs. But titanium, long lasting springs in model Ormatek Life can give comfort and even weight distribution only to people up to 135 kg.

In mattresses Double Spring by Ormatek the double springs adapted to load in the range of 150 kg that is ideal for couples with a considerable difference in weight – to 50 kg. Also, do not leave without attention springless mattresses in the catalog of Ormatek – series FLEX Super BIG, which is suitable for people weighing up to 145 kg.